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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bookflyer for 'Christ's Resurrection in Early Christianity'

The bookflyer has appeared:

This is the first Patristic book to focus on the development of the belief
in the Resurrection of Christ through the first centuries A.D.
By Paul, Christ’s Resurrection is regarded as the basis of Christian
hope. In the fourth century it becomes a central Christian tenet. But
what about the discrepancy in the first three centuries? Vinzent offers
an eye-opening experience with insights into the craftsmanship of
early Christianity – the earliest existential debates about life and
death, death and life – all centred on the cross, on suffering, enduring
and sacrifice.

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August 2011
282 pages

Christ’s Resurrection in
Early Christianity
and the Making of the New Testament

Markus Vinzent
, King’s College London UK

‘Professor Vinzent takes the reader on a fascinating journey through virtually every Christian text from the
first two centuries in order to demonstrate the validity of his thesis. His judgments…are based on a
thorough reading of the evidence. This book constitutes a great achievement to which I am sure I shall have
frequent recourse.’
– Gerd Lüdemann, Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany
‘Potentially revolutionary, utterly controversial, and endlessly fascinating, this book … raises as many
questions about the contours of early Christianity and the emergence of the canon as it seeks to answer. It
will surely spark scholarly debate and discussion for years to come. No serious scholar of early Christianity
can ignore it.’
– Mark DelCogliano, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota , USA
‘Markus Vinzent’s new monograph tackles head-on the grossly undertreated historical problem of the dearth
of literary expositions and artistic representations of the resurrection of Jesus in pre-Nicene Christianity…
Vinzent’s study exposes how the passion of Christ, for a sustained period, dominated early Christian
soteriology in its doctrinal and liturgical manifestations. This book will significantly aid in revising historical
reconstructions of Christian identity in its formative stages in antiquity.’
– Paul M. Blowers, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Johnson City, USA

Sample pages for published titles are available to view online at:
the end; Paul and the Resurrection rediscovered; Celebrating life and
death; Bibliography; Index.
Introduction: a rise of the risen Christ?; The beginnings of
Now available from Ashgate Publishing…


  1. Congratulations!
    I am looking forward with pleasure to reading it.
    And I hope a lot of people read it.
    I also hope your staying in Korea for a next couple of weeks more would be more comfortable and happy.

    Your lifelong student, Chulmin, prof. in Systematic Theology at Kangnam University in Korea.

  2. Congratulations!

    I am looking forward with pleasure to reading it!
    I hope that a lot of people who love the crucified and risen Jesus Christ would read it.
    I also hope your staying in Korea for a next couple of weeks further would be more comfortable and blessing.

    Your lifelong student, Chulmin, prof. at Kangnam University in Korea.