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Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Face of the Devil - a film by Menno Kuijper

Last week I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Menno Kuijper towards his film, The Face of the Devil - a short 12m film that explores the dark side of our own self through the question of the links with the devil. It was an interesting challenge to detect that often our misconceptions start with the assumptions that the devil is as old as human beings are. Quite the contrary, as I state in my interview, he is a rather young discovery. None of the old Jewish writings know of him - on the contrary, good and evil are encompassed and part of the one first principle. Likewise, the same monistic principle we find in the oldest strata of the Zoroastrian and Indo-Babylonian mythology, reflected again in the Platonic tradition where evil is not bracketed out in something different from the creative power.
If you want to find out more, here the link to Menno's blog:

The Face Of The Devil


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