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Saturday, 31 March 2012

My new book on Meister Eckhart's On the Lord's Prayer has been published

Right for the Conference on "Religiöse Individualisierung in der Mystik" (23.3.-25.3.2012) where I delivered a paper on "Images of Religious Individualization", my new book on Eckhart's On the Lord's Prayer has been published.

The book is a critical edition, translation and commentary of one of Eckhart's condensed and intriguing pieces of scholarship and spirituality. This rather short text by Eckhart has been available in a critical edition for decades, but has been rarely read and studied, regarded by its editors as a mediocre piece of the young Eckhart. It is, indeed, a strangely looking work, almost entirely a cut-and-paste piece from Thomas Aquinas' Golden Chain. A close study of Eckhart's commentary, however, gives insights into his reception of the Patristic tradition, his dealing with Thomas' choice and provides a masterpiece of Eckhart's teaching on prayer. He himself held his work in high regard and used it when writing trinitarian homilies.

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