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Monday, 28 January 2013

William Arnal, Review of my Christ's Resurrection in Early Christianity

Sorry for being a few weeks absent from my blog - but I had been asked, among other things, to contribute a longer article for the first issue of a new journal, Judaisme ancien, and it was supposed to be on Marcion and the Gospels. Instead, I have chosen a related topic, as I thought, I'd like to work out the relation the Marcion and Judaism had, as I felt uncomfortable with the older solutions, and found Sebastian Moll's note convincing that Marcion rather excused Jews instead of being himself anti-Jewish. So, the article which will be submitted to the new journal is entitled: 'Marcion the Jew'. More about this soon.

Today, however, let me point you to a new review of my previous book, Christ's Resurrection in Early Christianity, written by William Arnal, Associate Professor and Department Head at the University of Regina in the Journal of Religion in Europe 5 (2012): 415-424, from which I learned a lot. Especially the reference to Mark and the fact that I could have made more of looking into the reluctancy with which Mark approached Christ's Resurrection. Indeed, I agree, the Marcion/anti-Marcion reception overwhelmed me a bit, not in overstressing the texts that I read, but I should have also demonstrated more widely those texts which are unrelated to Marcion. I can only recommend this review, as it is both critical and also very encouraging and, as he says at the end, 'a must-read, as rewarding for those who will disagree with its conclusions as for those who will assent to them' - thanks Willam!

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