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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Re-Modernities: Or the Volcanic Landscapes of Religion

Today was published my article on 'Re-Modernities: Or the Volcanic Landscapes of Religion' in Journal of Beliefs and Values 32:2 (2011) 143-160

Here the abstract:

Is theology dead or dying? Or can we confidently do theology? Since the 1990s Ulrich Beck, one of the best known living sociologists both in Europe and beyond, has promoted the critical reading of the contemporary discourse as ‘reflexive modernization’. He has recently looked into the ‘fascinating byways’ of religion. Based on Beck’s re-assessment of the secularisation trap, this paper reflects upon religion in a world that has moved beyond secular modernity and non-committed post-modernity, and asks how to locate theology as reflexive religion in our contemporary discourse. As a case in point, the forthcoming book by Marius Felderhof serves to illustrate a re-modern approach beyond both
modernity and post-modernity.

Keywords: modernity; post-modernity; secularization; risk society; sociology or religion

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