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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Markus Vinzent, Christ's Resurrection in Early Christianity ...: what does he argue and [why] does it matter?' Judith Lieu and James Carleton Paget from Cambridge

It is nice to see people discussing the book that I published last year, here at the New Testament and Patristics joint seminar in Cambridge on Tuesday (01/05/2012). Prof Judith Lieu and Dr James Carleton Paget lead the seminar with the title: 'Markus Vinzent, Christ’s Resurrection in Early Christianity and the Making of the New Testament (Ashgate, 2011): what does he argue and [why] does it matter?'

As Frederik Mulder kindly posts on his blog (, both Prof Lieu and Dr Paget are commissioned to write review articles of the book for important journals. Indeed, these will add to the existing ones:

M. Edwards, Church Times 2.12.2011;

F. Mulder, Theology 115 (2012) 123-124;

L. Wickham, TLS 6.1.2012

Please also note some of my answers that I have published in response to these reviews here on my blog. Also glad to read that other colleagues like Prof Richard Bauckham, Prof Morna Hooker, Dr Peter Head, Dr Simon Gathercole and Dr Thomas Graumann attended the seminar. So I am looking forward to continue the discussion with them and anybody interested in engaging on this topic.

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