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Monday, 2 May 2011

Early Christian Iconography and Epigraphy - after Doelger

In the King's Patristic Seminar, the next lecture (12 Mary, Thursday, 1pm in King's, London, Strand, Room S.2.30), Professor Allen Brent is giving a lecture on "Greek Mythologies and Early Christian Iconography" - the fruit of his stay in Rome in the first weeks of 2011 and our intensive workshop discussions in February there.
Here a few impressions from a cold, but sunny walk through the Vatican Gardens, the Callistus Catacombs (plus Domitilla) and the British School at Rome (our project centre) together with colleagues (Professor Ulrich Volp, Dr Nicola Spanu, Dr Emanuele Castelli, Professor Allen Brent, and me).

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