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Friday, 22 April 2011

Academici - the oldest trusted network of academics

Academici - is the oldest special social network for academics. I remember well, when in 2003 I received a first invitation to the just starting boom (which nobody could predict) of social networking. And instantaneously, I thought, this would be such a help for academics. Instead of fishing around in the web for cooperation partners, just have a database of people whom you can trust and with whom you can link up. However, what I underestimated was the reluctancy of colleagues to embrace innovation and novelties. So, when I launched academici in April, 2004 (which then in 2005 was one of the frontrunner for the first ever Times Higher Education innovative Business Award), it was a few years ahead of its time. Now, in 2011, even academics have embraced social networking with many being present on facebook, linkedin and others. And still, none of these websites serve the needs for the academic world. Hence, this blog - and the idea to re-build academici over the next months. Academici has over 20,000 members, more active ones than many other social networks. And, if you are a member of it, simply sign in to my blog so that you will be part of the new academici, as soon as it will be re-launched. Any suggestions for an academic website is most welcome!
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Yours Markus

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  1. I was a reader/ contributor to Acedemici occasionally over the years and note that it seems to have disappeared for most of this year (2011. Grateful for some sort of explanation. Is it finished or merely waiting to be relaunched to some higher plane?

    Bill Palmer