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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hommage to all fossils

(For Maolcolum)

crowned with silence
past the troubles
sirene's lost
watered down
the bones that rebel


  1. Thank you Markus.

    Quite lovely and very realistic. But not quite past the troubles! A great deal of process in regard of Ratiba at present, Tribunal/ACAS. Still we have set the flat on the market. We will head out into the wilds, in time. I do need that study. And space with silence! More so if I am going to set up another literature/poetry post. I discovered a Blog that I had quite forgotten about. I do forget things now and then! Much to Ratiba's annoyance. I now have hearing aids. Which I can remove and pretend I do not hear!



  2. Even as I sit out. Look up!
    Space between each Star
    How far is my vision
    How deep my Understanding?
    Times I can almost sense
    My own beginning.
    As though deep within
    There is a recognition.
    Some curious inherent memory
    Built in, each cell, each question.
    I am of everything
    And yet I am myself, unique
    As all other creatures are.
    Yet we are one and the same. Lndon 10/10/2011