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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Studia Patristica 50 has appeared

Studia Patristica Vol. L: Including Papers presented at the National Conference on Patristic Studies held at Cambridge in the Faculty of Divinity ... Thomas Graumann and Judith Lieu in 2009
Here the Table of Contents:

Including Papers presented at the National Conference on Patristic Studies held at Cambridge in the Faculty of Divinity
in 2010 

Edited by

Table of Contents

I. Archaeologica, Arts, Iconography
Eileen Rubery, Cambridge, UK, Papal Opposition to Imperial Heresies: text as image in the church of Sta. Maria Antiqua in the time of Pope Martin I (649-54/5)

Alastair Logan, Exeter, Constantine, the Liber Pontificalis and the Christian Basilicas of Rome

II. Theologica
Frances Young, Birmingham, God’s Image: the ‘Elephant in the Room’ in the fourth Century?

Simon Lien-yueh Wei, Edinburgh, Doctrinalizing Dreams: Patristic Views of Divine-Inspired Dreams and their Relation to the Doctrine of God and Christology

III. The First Two Centuries
Matthew C. Steenberg, Leeds, The Gospel of Truth and the Truth of the Gospel: Assessing the Scope of Valentinian Influence on the Thought of St Irenaeus

Markus Vinzent, London, Give and Take amongst Second Century Authors: The Ascension of Isaiah, the Epistle of the Apostles and Marcion of Sinope

Thomas HEYNE, Dallas, Tertullian and Medicine

IV. Origen

Sebastian Guly, Cambridge, UK, The Distinction Between προπαθείαι and First Voluntary Movements in Origen’s De Principiis III

Karl Shuve, Edinburgh, Origen and the Tractatus de Epithalamio of Gregory of Elvira

Ann Conway-Jones, Manchester, The garments of heaven: Gregory of Nyssa’s interpretation of the priestly robe (Life of Moses 2,189-191) seen in the light of heavenly ascent texts

Ben Fulford, Nottingham, Divine Names and the Embodied Intellect: Imagination and Sanctification in Gregory of Nazianzus’ account of Theological Language

V. Writers from the Fifth Century onwards
Norman Russell, London, Theophilus of Alexandria as a Forensic Practitioner

Mark W. Elliott, St Andrews, What Cyril of Alexandria’s De adoratione is all about

Marcus Plested, Cambridge, Macarius and Messalianism: the status quaestionis

Liviu Barbu, Cambridge, UK, Natural and Fallen Will and their Twist in the Eastern Orthodox Practice of Ascetic Obedience

Christophe Erismann, Helsinki, A World of Hypostases: John of Damascus’ rethinking of Aristotle’s categorical ontology

Theodoros Alexopoulos, Heidelberg, Konstantinos Melitiniotes and Photios of
Constantinople on the Filioque: A Comparative Study

Victor YUDIN, Brussels, Porphyry against the Resurrection in Augustine

James A. Andrews, St Andrews, Relevant Augustine: What De doctrina christiana Says Today

Ronnie J. Rombs, Dallas, Vinculum Pacis: Eph. 4:3 and Indications of a Pneumatology in St. Augustine’s Theology

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