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Friday, 22 April 2011

Have I been upducted by aliens? Marcion and the Making of the New Testament

Who started the Gospel writing?

What was only a late side-discovery when I wrote my forthcoming book 'Christ's Resurrection in Early Christianity' (Ashgate, 2011) and mentioned in a paper that I gave at Cambridge University at the end of 2010, Roger Pearse asked a few weeks ago in his blog: Has Markus Vinzent been abducted by aliens?
and he quotes from me:

… let me just mention, that Marcion could take the place that was previously given to Q, yes, but Marcion provides, of course, not just a sayings source, but a Gospel that includes narratives. Moreover, he seems not only to have cooined the terms ‘Gospel’, as suggested by H. Koester, and ‘New Testament’, suggested by W. Kinzig, but has oriented Christianity towards a literature based new religion. In addition, I suggest that we have to revise our understanding of 2nd century school relations. Instead of reckoning with antagonistic schools, divided along the divides between orthodoxy and heresy, it seems that the various school teachers were more closely related than later apologetic literature wants to have it.

A heated debate followed, and I am happy to continue it in this blog.

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