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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Questions on the Attributes (of God): Four Rediscovered Parisian Questions of Meister Eckhart - new JTS-Article is out

Today, the Journal of Theological Studies Volume 63, Issue 1, Pp. 156-186 published my article:
Amongst his surviving works, Meister Eckhart’s Quaestiones Parisienses are regarded as ‘one of the most famous sets of texts that medieval thinking has produced’. Until recently, only five of such Quaestiones were known: three that were dated to Eckhart’s first magisterium in Paris in 1302/3, the other two from his second in 1311/12. Two years ago, the author of this essay (re-)discovered four more Quaestiones Parisienses which had previously been excluded as dubious or spurious texts and therefore did not enter the critical edition of Eckhart’s Latin works in the standard Kohlhammer edition. This essay reports the story of their first discovery by Martin Grabmann, traces the history and reasons for their being disputed, reinvestigates the problem of authenticity, and advances arguments that suggest that they are genuinely authored by Meister Eckhart and date from his second stay in Paris.                 
The entire article can be found here.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New: "The Mystical Theology Network"

At the first conference on mystical theology this year at Oxford (to which I contributed a paper "Neither money nor delights, but daily bread: Meister Eckhart on the greatest temptation" which builds on and develops a chapter of my recently published Meister Eckhart's On the Lord's Prayer further),

we created "The Mystical Theology Network", which has now a website up and running:
If you wish to join please look at the website which also has the abstracts of the papers - the full texts will appear in 2 vols with Ashgate in a few months.