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Saturday, 30 March 2019

My new book 'Writing the History of Early Christianity. From Reception to Retrospection' with Cambridge University Press has appeared

Yesterday, my new book that attempts to develop an alternative way of writing history, not just that of Early Christianity. Yet, after developing the concept of a retrospective form of approaching the past, I am using four controversial case studies of Patristics and the beginnings of Christianity: The so-called 'Abercius' Inscription, the statue of Hippolytus, the Apology of Aristides and finally the famous letters of Ignatius of Antioch.

A good section of the opening can be read on googlebooks:

Erratum: On p. 266, n. 4 regarding IgnRom it should not read 'as it was not handed down ... nor as part ... but was part', instead: 'as it was handed down ... but was part ... and was part'