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The Blog is an invitation to share my passions - research in philosophy, religions, history, ethics, business, but also other delights like knowledge exchange, cooking, travel etc.
It is a means of communication, so please share with me and our readers your views - I love opinions, especially if you do not agree with my views. We all can learn from each other, at least that is one of my biggest pleasures in life.
Please let me know, if you want to exchange links or have any other business idea.
Yours Markus

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  1. Hi Professor! I am Carlos Fajardo, priest from mexico, I am studying patristics in Rome, and I am starting my research work about Asterius the sofist, I have found that you have written about it and I would like to have a contact with you in order to exchange links or information, hope We can help each other... God Bless you!