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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Thomas of Erfurt and Meister Eckhart - a new book just appeared

Thomas of Erfurt is one of the forgotten great masters of the city of Erfurt. A contemporary of Meister Eckhart with a number of parallels and differences in their thinking. For the first time, a monograph, resulted from a workshop of 2013, provides a number of contributions that relate the two masters.

Thomas of Erfurt was one of the most important thinkers about grammar and language, called modists, of the 14th century. With his "Speculative Grammar" he inspired Charles Pierce (1839-1914) and his reflection on semiotics, Martin Heidegger read him - but thought he reads Duns Scotus - and, of course, the question is being raised to what extent Thomas and Eckhart inspired each other. 

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